Understanding Why You Should Prune Your Trees Regularly

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If you have trees on your property, you should prune them regularly. Pruning helps remove dead branches and allows you to control the shape of the trees. More than that, however, it can also contribute to benefit the overall health of the trees. Here are some of the advantages that regular pruning has to offer:

Pruning allows you to refine the shape of your trees and to make them more attractive. Most trees grow in a relatively balanced way. Sometimes, however, a stray branch or two may disrupt the overall shape of the tree, giving it an unbalanced, uneven look. Trimming away these branches can help make the tree more aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, removing dead or damaged branches can also contribute to improve the overall appearance of the tree.

tree-service-workerPruning can make your trees safer. Dead branches can fall at any time, potentially injuring someone walking underneath your tree. They can also fall onto your property, damaging your home, your vehicles, your fence, or other nearby structures. Trimming away dead branches can help eliminate these risks, making your trees a lot safer.

Obstacles that run overhead such as power lines can also be dangerous if trees grow too close to them. Pruning can help keep trees from growing so large that they interfere with nearby objects or structures.

Pruning can help trees produce more fruit or flowers. If you have fruit trees on your property, pruning them can increase fruit production. Not only does getting rid of any dead branches help improve the overall health of the tree but pruning also encourages new branches to grow. This can cause the tree to produce more fruit the following year. As you might guess, this also means that these trees will produce more flowers in the spring, helping to create a dazzling display in your yard or garden.

Pruning can reduce the risk of the tree becoming damaged during severe weather. A thick canopy provides lots of resistance when the wind is blowing. Cutting out some of the branches to thin the canopy can allow the wind to pass through more quickly, reducing the chances of the tree being damaged during periods of severe weather.

Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of why you should prune your trees regularly. If your trees are still small, you can probably prune them yourself. For larger trees, however, your best bet is to hire a Chico tree service to handle the pruning for you.

Recommended Practices in Landscaping Projects

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Landscaping your property not only adds beauty but also increases the resale value if done well by a professional landscaper. However, there are aspects of designs that apply in landscaping to get everything done in the right manner. First, permanent structures such as building pavements, walls, or arbors are done before planting vegetation on the ground. Once the design is created, the permanent structures can be installed, and then the ground is adorned with green plants to attain the beautiful appeal you wanted.

Before even putting the permanent structures first, it is quite essential to add irrigation lines as well as lighting into the design. This is a common aspect that most homeowners forget, and later regret about their mistakes. Remember, it can be costly to remove the already installed concrete just to add the irrigation lines. Also, the poor irrigation system may lead to drying of the plants, and therefore you will be forced to use manual watering methods. To avoid such blunders on your landscape, make use of a professional landscaper.

Since many people are claiming to offer landscaping services, you need to take some of your precious time to find a reliable one. A landscaper should have liability insurance, and he or she should be willing to give you assurance which caters for subcontractors that will be used to work on other technical jobs such as gas line installation for outdoor heating, as well as kitchens. Also, remember to ask if the person you are discussing with is the one that will be on the ground to oversee the project. This will not only improve communication between you and the contractor, but also it will alleviate unwelcoming disappointments and frustrations down the line.

5 Basic Landscape Management Practices

Wise Fertilizing

Use of excessive fertilizers can be harmful to the environment. Also, it can lead to overgrowth of the plants, forcing frequent mowing to be done. To avoid underground water pollution, soil contamination, and excessive plant growth, always apply professional guidelines while fertilizing plants on your landscape.

Efficient watering

Watering may depend on how you want your lawn to appear. However, it is advisable to water when a need arises because during sprinkler cold seasons grass tend to go dormant, and they don’t need much water. If you opt for irrigation method, just do it when the plants require water. This will help in reducing surface runoff, as well as maintaining a healthy landscape around your yard.

Proper Mowing

During spring, cool season plants grow rapidly, because rainfall is in plenty and temperatures are cooler. The recommended mowing heights are 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches since it will enhance pest tolerant, deeper, and more drought-resistant root system.

Runoff Control

Controlling runoff from your property is one of the best practices in landscaping because it reduces the risk of pollution. Flowing water, either from irrigation or rain water, carries debris that is directed into storm drains. The debris from the planted landscape can pollute water sources, leading to the unintended death of other organisms.

Appropriate Mulching

Proper mulching will help in retaining moisture and moderating temperature of the soil. It also prevents erosion caused by surface runoff, as well as facilitating efficient utilization of water. However, maximum mulching depth should be 3 inches because deeper mulching can cause shallow root system.

Recycle Organic Waste

Wastes from leaves of trimmed trees or kitchen wastes such as vegetables and fruits can be used as organic manure instead of throwing them away. This also reduces the overuse of chemical fertilizers that usually harm our environment when used too frequently.

How to Help Your Female PT Clients Switch to an Unprocessed Diet

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Convincing someone, especially if that someone is a food-a-holic to give up on scrumptious meals for dull ones, is equivalent to asking an individual for his kidney. When a suggestion of eating clean and unprocessed food is made, people quickly get offended. Most of us think that eating clean means consuming disgusting and dull food.

Actually, the idea behind adopting a clean diet is to keep your body clean by cleaning up your diet. There are numerous benefits of switching to unprocessed food (more energy throughout the day, clearer skin, the risk of getting serious diseases reduces, just to name a few). But bailing out on the nuggets, lasagna, and cheesecakes, is much more challenging than it seems.

In great news for personal trainers around the globe, it looks like your female clients won’t need to wing it. The tips below will help your female clients have a smooth progression in their pursuit to an unprocessed diet.

Help Your Customers Figure Out the Reason ‘Why’

Transitioning to a clean diet is a significant change in a person’s lifestyle that they’ll be making. In order to be persistent, your clients need to pinpoint the exact reason why they have adopted this lifestyle. By doing this, they’ll be able to make the required effort for developing this habit and also find the motivation for it when it’s lacking.

A fact backed up by research shows that a positive source of inspiration comes from within, and it is powerful too. Changing the way one eats just because people tell them to lose weight, or because their clothes don’t fit them anymore isn’t a reason that’s good enough for the long run.

Cut Back On Processed Foods

Eating clean means to embrace foods that are healthy for us (fruits, vegetables, healthy nutrients, and fats, to list down a few) and refrain from consuming processed food with additives, sugars, and preservatives in it. As processed foods are packed with the ingredients that you should avoid, it’s probably a good idea to limit their consumption. When in doubt, stay away from foods with the long ingredient list. According to a study published in “Food & Nutrition Research” in 2010, consuming processed foods will make you retain calories, which negatively affects your workout.

Up Your clients’ Vegetable Intake

Plants consist of nutrients and vitamins that have numerous benefits for people. For example, tomatoes are full of vitamin C which is a great source of providing people with resistance against contagious diseases, whereas spinach has vitamin K in it which provides strength to bones. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 suggest that a person should make one-half of his plate consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Help Them Stay Committed

Transforming one’s eating habits is a process that should be done gradually. There’s no short-cut to making a change in your lifestyle. Having said that, as a personal trainer, you should help your client in deciding how much time she is willing to devote to this process (shopping for food, planning out meals and preparation of the food). By making small changes in their diet like reducing the consumption of sugar per day, is a beautiful short-term goal to achieve and a good place to start.

Set Goals for Them

A particular set of targets should be predefined for your clients so that they have a clear direction of what they have to achieve and how they have to do it. After this has been done, you should let your clients treat themselves. First off, the word “gift” needs to be defined. You should ask your customers if they want to have a cheat meal every week, every two weeks or every month. This certainly doesn’t mean that they have a pass for binging on unhealthy snacks all day long. They wouldn’t want to lose their progress by going off the track for one day.

Be Creative!

It’s relatively easy to get discouraged and lack the motivation of keeping up with the diet when you have to eat food which you don’t like. To tackle this problem you have to help your clients out by sharing creative and tasty recipes with them so that they don’t regret switching to the unprocessed diet. Since eating regularly the right kind of snacks won’t do you any harm, you don’t have to restrict yourself from snacking on fruits and vegetables every once in a while. French researchers concluded there is actual “no evidence of improved weight loss” when you eat smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day.

The Internet today is filled with tons of amazing recipes that are not only fun to prepare but are also exquisite.
Lastly, try not to let your clients rush this process. It may be tough, but the long term benefits are worth the efforts.

5 Health Tips for the Older Woman

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Gone are the days when women are bound to the kitchen, preparing meals for their husband and children. In this day and age, women not only manage a home but they also run a business. Due to the amount of responsibility and burden that women have on their shoulders, they’re unable to take time out for themselves. Hence, they face multiple health issues – obesity is one of them. Juggling a household and running a business is a tough task and in this situation, health takes the backseat for most women. The holidays are approaching and while you might be busy redoing your home, could your lifestyle use an overhaul, too?

So whether you work from home and only have to get out of bed to reach your laptop or you’re busy in an office with clients all day long, use these five health tips to stay active, fit and energized.

Keep Moving Throughout The Day

Studies have equated sitting for long hours with several diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, to name just a few). Most working mothers spend a significant amount of their time in meetings with clients in a conference room or some restaurant. Whereas, when those moms take time out to unwind, they sit back and relax on the couch. So what’s the most common denominator in all these situations? It’s their butt.

At work, we sit more than we do anything else and because of this inactivity, being active for women crucial than ever. By adopting a few healthy habits like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car away from your office, you will be able to get a good amount of workout done without having to take extra time out for it.

bananasStock Your Pantry With Healthy Foods

By keeping organic fruits and vegetables in your home and emptying your house of unhealthy foods, you will be more inclined towards consuming nutritious and healthy snacks when you feel hungry between meals. There’s so much emphasis on consuming vegetables and fruits these days because they not only fill us up but they also provide our body with nutrients and vitamins which are essential for it.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

You probably have heard it before. You should in no circumstances skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives working moms the energy and capability to be on their feet the whole day.

Drink Water

Keep a water bottle with you all day so that you have a good excuse to drink water throughout the day. The benefits of water are no longer a secret. A lot of emphases have been given to the advantages of drinking enough water every day.

Stretch Your Muscles

After sitting for too long, our muscles tend to get tighter. To loosen them up, stretching is essential especially if you are going to do your workout. There are quite a lot of yoga poses that you can do to warm up your muscles. To carry out any exercise regime, gradually increase your speed to avoid injuries.