5 Health Tips for the Older Woman

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Gone are the days when women are bound to the kitchen, preparing meals for their husband and children. In this day and age, women not only manage a home but they also run a business. Due to the amount of responsibility and burden that women have on their shoulders, they’re unable to take time out for themselves. Hence, they face multiple health issues – obesity is one of them. Juggling a household and running a business is a tough task and in this situation, health takes the backseat for most women. The holidays are approaching and while you might be busy redoing your home, could your lifestyle use an overhaul, too?

So whether you work from home and only have to get out of bed to reach your laptop or you’re busy in an office with clients all day long, use these five health tips to stay active, fit and energized.

Keep Moving Throughout The Day

Studies have equated sitting for long hours with several diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, to name just a few). Most working mothers spend a significant amount of their time in meetings with clients in a conference room or some restaurant. Whereas, when those moms take time out to unwind, they sit back and relax on the couch. So what’s the most common denominator in all these situations? It’s their butt.

At work, we sit more than we do anything else and because of this inactivity, being active for women crucial than ever. By adopting a few healthy habits like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car away from your office, you will be able to get a good amount of workout done without having to take extra time out for it.

bananasStock Your Pantry With Healthy Foods

By keeping organic fruits and vegetables in your home and emptying your house of unhealthy foods, you will be more inclined towards consuming nutritious and healthy snacks when you feel hungry between meals. There’s so much emphasis on consuming vegetables and fruits these days because they not only fill us up but they also provide our body with nutrients and vitamins which are essential for it.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

You probably have heard it before. You should in no circumstances skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives working moms the energy and capability to be on their feet the whole day.

Drink Water

Keep a water bottle with you all day so that you have a good excuse to drink water throughout the day. The benefits of water are no longer a secret. A lot of emphases have been given to the advantages of drinking enough water every day.

Stretch Your Muscles

After sitting for too long, our muscles tend to get tighter. To loosen them up, stretching is essential especially if you are going to do your workout. There are quite a lot of yoga poses that you can do to warm up your muscles. To carry out any exercise regime, gradually increase your speed to avoid injuries.

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