Understanding Why You Should Prune Your Trees Regularly

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If you have trees on your property, you should prune them regularly. Pruning helps remove dead branches and allows you to control the shape of the trees. More than that, however, it can also contribute to benefit the overall health of the trees. Here are some of the advantages that regular pruning has to offer:

Pruning allows you to refine the shape of your trees and to make them more attractive. Most trees grow in a relatively balanced way. Sometimes, however, a stray branch or two may disrupt the overall shape of the tree, giving it an unbalanced, uneven look. Trimming away these branches can help make the tree more aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, removing dead or damaged branches can also contribute to improve the overall appearance of the tree.

tree-service-workerPruning can make your trees safer. Dead branches can fall at any time, potentially injuring someone walking underneath your tree. They can also fall onto your property, damaging your home, your vehicles, your fence, or other nearby structures. Trimming away dead branches can help eliminate these risks, making your trees a lot safer.

Obstacles that run overhead such as power lines can also be dangerous if trees grow too close to them. Pruning can help keep trees from growing so large that they interfere with nearby objects or structures.

Pruning can help trees produce more fruit or flowers. If you have fruit trees on your property, pruning them can increase fruit production. Not only does getting rid of any dead branches help improve the overall health of the tree but pruning also encourages new branches to grow. This can cause the tree to produce more fruit the following year. As you might guess, this also means that these trees will produce more flowers in the spring, helping to create a dazzling display in your yard or garden.

Pruning can reduce the risk of the tree becoming damaged during severe weather. A thick canopy provides lots of resistance when the wind is blowing. Cutting out some of the branches to thin the canopy can allow the wind to pass through more quickly, reducing the chances of the tree being damaged during periods of severe weather.

Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of why you should prune your trees regularly. If your trees are still small, you can probably prune them yourself. For larger trees, however, your best bet is to hire a Chico tree service to handle the pruning for you.

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